About us

Azerbaijan Qlaukom assosiation established in 2001 year one group of ophtolmologest with to impove life of glaukom patients, main task of organization is carriage educational work among the population for prophylaxis also for early detectability glaukom.

Creating productive conditios bot excangug experience information among the professional community in the bield of glaukoma. Organization inter-al conference 2 meeting with a wiew to excangiugug experience among  the glaukoma speciali

Structure society.

Azerbaijan society of glaucomatologist make up board of chairmens society which isn’t changing and not elected board of chairmen is reputation and lawmaker structure of society.¬† The president of the society elected by board of chairmans. There is three committee in the structure of society: committee for organisation of education, committee for organisation of meetings and conferences, committee for propaganda among the population. the work of committees controlled by board of chairmans. Azerbaijan glaucoma society is non governmental organisation with the main aim of connecting the specialists in the field of glaucoma for improve of the medical services and quality of life for glaucoma patients. Membership dues and private donations is the main donors for financing the activities of the society. At the end of the each year treasurer of the society prepare the financial report which presented to the board of chairmans of society and published on the society web site for public. Anyone who specialized in the field of ophthalmology can become a member of the society by providing membership request through internet web site or forms on the meetings of society.